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Art Architecture
Essays on Art, Feminist and Modernism

This 75 page study outlines 9 essays that integrate views on art, art history, socialization, and the development of feminist sensibilities. This paper outlines the central elements related to specific questions on art and social development and creates a means of understanding the substantial variations in artistic development, from Buddhist influences to Postmodernism and the integration of social views of men and women. Bibliographies list 25 sources.

Georgia and California: A Comparative (Trait-by-Trait) Essay

In 4 pages (3 pp. + 1 pg. outline) this essay compares and contrasts the agriculture, architecture, and natural disasters of Georgia and California. Five sources are listed in the bibliography.

The Universality and Intrinsic Nature of Aesthetics and Design

This 5 page essay examines 3 essays, "The Art of Collecting Lightbulbs" by Michael Kimmelman, "The Boundaries of Design" by Virginia Postrel and "False Identifications: Minority Populations Mourn Diana" by Diana Taylor and the writer argues that the common feature between them is that they indicate the importance that people feel towards imposing their aesthetic tastes on their perception of reality, but also that this aspect of human behavior extends to a variety of design topics and issues. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Art Opinion / At the Smithsonian

A 5 paragraph, 2 page essay expressing the author's opinions about five works viewed in Washington D.C.'s 'Smithsonian Gallery of Hispanic Art.' No bibliography.

Western European Character

A 5 page research paper/essay that explores the evolution of the Western European character and culture since 1500. Using the periods into which art is typically divided as a framework, the writer discusses major trends in European culture to the present, demonstrating how classicism and romanticism have altered in a cyclical fashion. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Cultural Backgrounds and Personal Essays

A 13 page paper which examines how the authors’ cultural backgrounds are reflected in the personal essays “The Execution of Tropman,” “This Too is Life,” “Death,” In Praise of Shadows,” “Pleasure Boat Studio,” “Meatless Days,” “In the Middle of the Journey,” “Criteria of Negro Art,” and “The Formation of the Intellectuals.” Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Critique of Georges Bataille’s 1949 Essay ‘The Cruel Practice of Art’

In three pages this paper examines this essay within the context of the relationship that exists between art, sacrifice, religion, and emotion. Once source is cited in the bibliography.

Eliot and King

This 3 page essay presents a quote from F.R. Leavis and then argues that both T.S. Eliot's "Waste Land" and Stephen King's novel Misery exemplify this statement and should be considered as two of the artists on which art and literature depend. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


This 10-page paper provides an overview of software game developer Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) the paper also discusses the importance of creativity and innovation in the corporate culture. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Reflection on Writing Essays

This 5 page paper is a reflective document examining the processes and learning which has taken place while learning and practicing the art of essay writing. Previous essay written are reviewed along to identify areas that have shown improvement and areas where improvement is still needed. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

Critical Art Ensemble’s “Electronic Civil Disobedience” and “Digital Resistance”

This 6 page report discusses the multimedia theater group, Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) and two of its best-known publications and the intent of both t he organization, its publications, and its philosophy. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The Poet”

This 5 page report discusses “The Poet” (1844) and essay by 19th century American poet and essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson. In it, he makes it clear that he has no use for those who he thinks of as “esteemed umpires of taste,” those who are unable to see beyond what is before them to the heart of the art and the beauty of its simple being Bibliography lists one source.

Art Essays:

Each section (3pp) of this essay deals with a specific question related to European Impressionism. The first section considers "ukiyo-e" influence on the works of Cassat and Degas. (Bibliography lists 3 sources). Section II considers the changing role of the nude, as seen in the painting Olympia by Manet (Bibliography lists 3). Section III attempts to draw artistic conclusions from the relationship between Manet and his favorite model Victorine Meurent. (Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Art of Persuasion: Evaluation of Gun Control Essays

This 5 page paper looks at four distinct articles about gun control and assesses them in terms of their ability to persuade. Rank's model of persuasion is used. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Jane Goodall And Monica Moore: Anthropological Study

The art of observation is the single most important aspect of ethnographic research. This 5 page paper compares an essay on first observations by Jane Goodall with Nonverbal Courtship Patterns In Women from Monica Moore. No additional sources are listed.

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