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William Poundstone's Prisoner's Dilemma

William Poundstone's Prisoner's Dilemma is a philosophical biography of the mathemetician, John von Neumann. Owing to his history and circumstances, Von Neumann was a staunch believer in the Nazi threat and, later, the threat of communism. He believed that if using the hydrogen bomb would stop the spread of those particular political regimes, then it should have been used yesterday. He was a member of the team developing the bomb at Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico and the 'think tank' at the RAND Corporation. This 5 page paper examines the life of John von Neumann, his development of game theory, and the application of game theory to the Cold War. No additional sources are listed.

Amy Tan and Her Works

An 8 page paper which discusses the author Amy Tan in relationship to what inspired her to write and how her writing has changed her life. The paper also takes two of her short essays/stories and compares then in relationship to thematic content. The short essays/stories are found in her work "The Hundred Secret Senses" and are titled "The Ghost Merchant's House" and "Young Girl's Wish." The work from which her personal information is derived is "Current Biography Yearbook 1992." No additional sources cited.

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