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A 6 page paper that discusses business to business and business to consumer electronic commerce. Includes some data regarding sales. The writer also discusses management aspects of E-commerce. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Electronic Communication: The Single Most Important Factor in Communication Management

A 5 page discussion of the importance of electronic forms of communication. Emphasizes the critical nature of this form of communication in the business environment in particular. Effective communication in the business world can make the difference between company success or failure and the advent of electronic forms of communication to this arena of our lives has in fact had a tremendous impact on the business world. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Impact of E Commerce on Businesses in the Twenty-First Century

This 7 page paper considers how businesses will have to change in the twenty-first century as a result of business on the internet and the expansion of the world wide web. E-commerce is growing rapidly and this paper argues that all businesses will be effected by it either directly or indirectly and as a result there will need to be changes in the strategies and operations of many organisations. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

Trends And Forces Driving E-Business

9 pages in length. Examining the trends and forces that drive e-business, one immediately finds how the clear advantage of online commerce is the ease with which the merchant can reach out to the consumer. Three traditional business environments that have been revolutionized into e-business environments in response to changes in technology, society and markets include banking, retail and education. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Electronic Commerce in a Collaborative Virtual World

A 25 page paper discussing the virtual shopping mall, a 3-dimensional idealization of the next generation of ecommerce that mimics the physical shopping experience. The paper discusses the current situation; supply chain management; and emerging technologies such as Java3D and VRML. It also discusses J2EE, Microsoft.NET and XML. Retailers can expect the Virtual Shopping Mall to benefit them well, and customers will be able to expect the same. Though business-to-customer ecommerce was slower to develop, the advent of the Virtual Shopping Mall carries immense potential in placing the business-to-business and business-to-customer arms of ecommerce on fully equal ground. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

Effects Of Shoplifting

A 6 page paper. What are the real effects of shoplifting? This is the question that is addressed in this essay. Shoplifting is the most common nonviolent crime in America. It is one that affects the business owner's profit and it is one that affects the consumer's prices and the economy in general. It is a crime that affects every industry, there is no business immune to this crime. Statistics and examples are included. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Why Study E-Business with an International Emphasis?

This 5 page paper is written in two parts explaining how a course on e-business, including e-commerce, with an international emphasis will be good for a student. The first part looks at who and why this course would be good for the student and how this would suit the long and short term career plans. The second part of the paper outlines a graduation thesis which would study "The importance of understanding e-business in developing countries" with an emphasis on Bangladesh, explaining why this is suitable for then student wanting to set up their own consultancy in the future.


This 5-page paper provides a series of questions to be answered dealing with technology and computers. Questions include ethics over selling names to other businesses, competitive advantage and technology, how to configure a system for a small business and advice to an employee who is looking for a promotion

A 10 page paper discussing this company serving as an electronic meeting place between the print industry and those customers needing printing services. The software used allows for budget and inventory management, and there also is a business-to-business shopping mall for those customers not large enough to need the full service of the management function. The paper surveys the company's history, purpose and future. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Management Challenges in E-Commerce

This 5 page report discusses the management of electronic commerce or “e-commerce” and how it continues to revolutionize the way the modern world is doing business. The most successful businesses involved in e-commerce are able to provide dynamic connections to customer data bases using numerous interconnected routers for corporate clients, as well as Internet access for mainstream consumers. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Changing Roles Of Accountants With E-Commerce

A 12 page paper. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) has changed all aspects of how business operate, including the roles of accountants. In today's e-business world, accountants have the opportunity to become even more important to their clients if they have technology knowledge and skills in addition to their knowledge of fiscal matters. This essay explores these changes and includes examples. Bibliography lists 10 sources. PGacctec.rtf

The Impact of E-Commerce on Small Businesses

This 40 page report style paper looks at the attractions of e-commerce to a small business and argues that despite many pull factors, the advantages to most small businesses will be outweighed by the disadvantages. The paper outlines many different aspects of e-commerce and trading on the internet in order to formulate a strong picture, this includes the potential growth of the market, advantages such as cost reduction and reduction of barriers to trade, the market, the types of trade that are successful, the considerations such as setting up and the opportunity costs. The bibliography cites 32 sources

Transformation of the Supply Chain from a Brick and Mortar Business to E-business

This is a 5 page paper which examines the transformation of supply chain management from a Brick and Mortar Business to E-Business. The bibliography has 2 sources.

Issues In Gestalt Therapy

A 12 page paper. This essay discusses numerous facets of Gestalt therapy and theory. These include how to avoid the here and now, top-dog vs. underdog, unfinished business, cycle of experience and awareness, the goal of therapy, awareness in and of itself is curative, usefulness for diverse populations. The essay also discuses the usefulness of behavioral approaches for diverse backgrounds, self control for studying, and modeling a social skill. Bibliography lists 10 source.

Electronic Financing And The Future Of Paper Money

20 pages in length. The purpose behind the banking industry implementing any change is to augment the capacity of its clientele. Inasmuch as change can be both a beneficial and detrimental endeavor, it is a very wise decision for the industry to wholly investigate all potential gains and losses long prior to employing this important modification. In this day and age, it is critical to the overall success of banking businesses to expand beyond the limited horizons of the past; indeed, to be able to diversify and reach toward loftier goals is only possible in the contemporary market by striving to bring together a variety of networking capabilities. Those like the banking industry that have established a sense of innovation within the framework of their industries have, historically, had positive results in the final outcome; however, to be fair, there have also been those who have attempted to incorporate the concept of such vastness in operation only to find that this particular venture was not as productive as they had anticipated. For the banking industry to follow suit upon the Internet is for it to completely and utterly open up to the whims of progress in the twenty-first century; with the evolution of ATM's, debit cards and the like, the global community is moving forward to the inevitable cashless society. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

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