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Computer Crime: Can we Really be Effective in Fighting it?

7 pages. Computer crimes are becoming more treacherous. It seems computer hackers are keeping up the pace with the security technology and sometimes are even a step or two ahead. This argumentative essay explores whether it is the crime or the security technology that is more high-tech in this increasingly perilous aspect of living our lives through the Internet. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


This 5-page paper provides a series of questions to be answered dealing with technology and computers. Questions include ethics over selling names to other businesses, competitive advantage and technology, how to configure a system for a small business and advice to an employee who is looking for a promotion

Building an Ideal Computer

This 6 page paper builds an ideal computer with a budget of $2,000. The writer looks for the different components, including monitor and keyboard as well as the computer itself. The result is a powerful computer suitable for a high end advanced user. A complete breakdown of all costs is included. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

Effects and Disease Related to CRT Monitors

This 7 page report discusses there are health concerns associated with computer use beyond the typical issues of carpal tunnel syndrome, backache, and the expanding-derrière factor associated with the sedentary behavior associated with computer use. Other concerns are linked to electromagnetic radiation. Most often, electromagnetic radiation or EMR is associated with high-voltage powerlines, different household appliances, specialized computer use or a combination of factors. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Surveillance as an Investigative Technique

12 pages. Monitoring and surveillance have come to represent just two of the villainous components of computer use in the late twentieth century. Indeed, vast quantities of confidential and sensitive information are stored in computers. What were once considered to be private communications, such as electronic mail, are now becoming implements of surveillance for any number of sources, including one's own workplace. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


This paper is an essay that argues in favor of computer-based learning for college students and adult education students. Included in this essay are the positive uses that computer-based learning has offered. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Supply Chain and Strategic Procurement

A 10 page overview of the emergence of strategic procurement and supply chain management in their ability to enhance the organization's competitive advantage. The paper uses Dell Computer as its example of the integration of electronic operation, strategic procurement, supply chain management and JIT manufacturing. Bibliography lists 20 sources.


This 28-page paper addresses electronic commerce and how emerging technologies have impacted and continue to impact its development. A history of both e-commerce and emerging technologies is discussed as are other topics including competition, trends and future ramifications. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Letter Writing: Untouched By Technology

3 pages in length. In light of the fact that technology has made at least some impact upon virtually every aspect of society, it is rather challenging to find a single entity that has remained untouched by what many consider to be its invasive presence. From computers to phones and medical procedures to appliances, there are truly few areas where technological advancement has left intact. One might even argue that electronic mail has changed the way in which people communicate in the twenty-first century, however, there is still a large contingent of people who believe email is a most impersonal and ill-conceived method for expressing oneself and therefore choose to remain loyal to the conventional use of pen, paper and the postal system. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Technology Implementation at SJMCH

This 4 page research paper offers an overview of the implementation of electronic medical record (EMR) system, as well as computerized nursing documentation, physician order entry system and scanning technology associated with medication administration at St. Joseph Medical Center at Houston, Texas (SJMCH). This case study considers key stakeholders in each process and the inferences that can be derived from current literature pertaining to each of these areas. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Recycling Computers

A 4 page paper discussing the need for and methods of recycling computers and other electronic equipment such as televisions and cellular telephones. More than 2 million tons of electronic waste are added to landfills each year, and 250 million computers are expected to become obsolete by 2005. The paper identifies hazardous and valuable components that can be reclaimed, as well as manufacturers that accept their old products for recycling. Individuals can take products to companies such as Best Buy and Staples, and organizations can use the services of recyclers such as Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Internet And Online Retailing

5 pages in length. The technological revolution has brought with it a great deal of beneficial advancements for mankind; one of the most important developments of all has been that of the computer. In more recent times, the computer has moved from the restriction of industry well into the mainstream of society, providing a vast array of resources just a mouse click away. One of the most promising of all -- for both merchant and consumer -- is the concept of online retailing. Myriad companies have taken the opportunity to display their wares up on the Internet as a means by which to boost sales and reach otherwise unattainable markets. However, with anything so seemingly perfect, there also exist potential downsides, as well. The writer discusses various aspects of online retailing. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Using the Internet to revolutionize Electronic Data Transfer

This 10 page report discusses applications of the Internet in the evolution of electronic data transfer. Asynchronous transfer mode, changes in the international standards for computer networking and Internet all have had and will continue to have a significant impact on the future of EDI (electronic data interchange) and allowing the framework by which it can become a truly ubiquitous tool in modern business. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Electronic Commerce

'Doing business' continues to mean providing a product and, or, a service and the customer continues to be sought in order that they might purchase what goods and services the company has available. Now, however, the customer no longer makes their way to the local shopping center but, rather, sits at home at their computer and 'surfs the Web' for products and services. This 8 page paper provides an overview of Internet shopping, or E-commerce. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A Sample Narrative Essay on the Problems Associated With the Personal Computer

A 2.5 page paper which presents a first-person narrative account on how the personal computer (the convenient, time-saving modern device) is more trouble than it’s worth. No sources are used.

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