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The World Wide Web and Education

A 5 page examination of the value of the World Wide Web in the educational environment. Discusses the advantage of ready access to thousands of resources which may or may not be available through more traditional hard sources. Emphasizes that electronic resources such as those found on the World Wide Web are preferable over print resources in that they can be easily searched and manipulated. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


This paper is an essay that argues in favor of computer-based learning for college students and adult education students. Included in this essay are the positive uses that computer-based learning has offered. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Crime in Japan: Improvements in Education, Employment, Penalties and Monitoring of Drugs

This is a 4 page paper discussing crime in Japan and recent government reforms in relation to decreasing the crime rate. A recent increase in the crime rate in Japan over the past decade has prompted the Japanese government to implement improvement policies in the areas of education, employment, increased penalties and monitoring of the drug trade. Education and employment reforms have included those which take into account the importance of continued education, social factors related to crime, and the maintenance and re-education of workers within the labor market. Considerations in the law enforcement disciplines have included lowering the age at which young offenders can be tried for criminal offenses, strict public fire arm restrictions and international cooperation in regards to the drug trade and market. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Electronic Instruction’s Effect on Education

A 7 page paper written as a transition between a literature review and a methods section (neither included) of a proposed study to assess educators’ attitudes toward required use of integrated database systems in their instructional activities. The paper addresses growth of online offerings and content standardization to conclude that it would appear that systems capable of relieving educators of the more mundane and time-consuming administrative tasks of their work would be well received. But does this type of reception extend to diminished control over content as well? This is a question that the proposed study seeks to answer. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Should Prisoners Receive Free Education & Healthcare?

A 5 page research paper/argumentative essay that addresses this question. The writer first outlines the cost of these programs, as well as the need for health and education programs, and then discusses how using prison labor is a growing trend in the US, arguing that if prisoners were paid what their services are worth, they could pay for the services that they receive. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


This 13-page paper discusses the question of whether accountants will be able to prevent a future Enron (U.S.) or HIH (Australia) accounting scandal, due to the fact that their education and philosophy is that of numbers, rather than ethical behavior. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

How To Begin Studying To Be A Principal

This 5 page paper discusses two pairs of theorists: Bennis and Nanus and Kouzes and Posner. The lessons in these books will provide the principal or a ‘principal’ in training with a great deal of information on leadership that is easily translated to education. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Educational Tool: Anorexia

The influence of popular culture is a double-edged sword when it comes to the ways in which it motivates social behavior; the ability to collectively rally people behind important causes is one of its more beneficial facets, while causing impressionable individuals – mostly adolescents – to severely modify caloric intake in order to become more socially acceptable is one of its most detrimental. As much an influence as popular culture is on the prevalence of anorexia and body image, other factors that include psychological, physiological, biological and environmental components are just as powerful an edict to a vulnerable, fragile and young psyche. Moreover, as Summerfield (2000) duly points out, "individuals who participate in athletics, who diet frequently, and who have diabetes may be at increased risk" (p. 47). Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Teaching Psychology

A 3 page essay supporting the choice to teach psychology at the community college level. The psychology instructor at a university enjoys full access to subscription-based literature databases as well as employer-paid conference attendance opportunities. Psychologists in private practice gain the satisfaction of being involved in improving the lives of individuals, and some achieve significant financial rewards. The community college can expect none of these financial supports or rewards. The rewards possible are significant and can be immense, however. As is the case when comparing community college education with university education, the end result is only different, certainly not inferior. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Problem with NOHSE Guidelines

This 6 page essay selects 3 ethical guideline statements issued by the National Organization for Human Service Education (NOHSE) and discusses possible contradictions and problems that can arise in relations to these guidelines. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Trends And Forces Driving E-Business

9 pages in length. Examining the trends and forces that drive e-business, one immediately finds how the clear advantage of online commerce is the ease with which the merchant can reach out to the consumer. Three traditional business environments that have been revolutionized into e-business environments in response to changes in technology, society and markets include banking, retail and education. Bibliography lists 10 sources.


This 7-page paper focuses on the development of a leadership training development. Issues focused on include necessarily education and training, skills a leader needs to have and monitoring. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

International Students & The Problem Of Writing Essays

An argumentative 5 page essay examining why so many international students dislike writing essays. Three causes are given: interest and motivation are in vocational training, cultural autonomy vs. western philosophy, and the use of proper English language as a U.S.-bias. All of these are argued against, but the final thesis is that because of these arguments, international students' motivations should be given more consideration by the university, and students (who after graduation find they approve of their education in the U.S.) are willing to contribute to the university-international student interaction and program design. The paper postulates a more congruent interaction between the two. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Shifting Demand to Online Learning

7 pages in length. This paper includes two essays, each based on a different article in the Wall Street Journal, which will focus on the market for online education. Demand has shifted from bricks and mortar learning to e-learning. Each essay will include an analysis of the article using the model of consumer choice, example indifference curve and budget line. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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