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29 pages worth of in-depth essay responses to questions concerning medical ethics, AIDS, euthanasia, the Hippocratic Oath, and more. An EXCELLENT resource for pre-med and early med students. No Bibliography.

Virtue Ethics as the Motive Force Behind Actions: An Argumentative Essay

This 5 page argumentative essay defends the thesis that virtue ethics are the motive force behind actions. Essentially, this paper support the argument that virtue ethics tells a person what they ought to be, rather than what they ought to do, and as a result, defines the motives behind actions which are manifested in the form of character traits or virtues. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Ethics: Monitoring Internet And E-Mail Use

A 5 page paper. The extensive use of the Internet and e-mail in the workplace has led to more employers monitoring these activities. Monitoring has been attacked on the grounds that invades privacy but there is an enormous amount of literature that demonstrates the legal foundations for such monitoring. This paper addresses this issue and concludes with a resolution that meets both legal and ethical concerns. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Ethics and Philosophy: Three Essays

This 10 page paper examines various concepts in ethics and philosophy. The first essay (5 pages) examines the theories of utilitarianism, deontology, egoism, subjectivism and social contract theory. The second essay (3 pages) examines normative ethics, meta-ethics, and applied ethics. The final essay is two pages and examines objectivism and relativism. Examples are provided throughout. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

An Ethics Program and Monitoring System

This 10 page paper uses a fictitious company to propose an ethics program. How each part of the system should be monitored is addressed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

CSI Personal Code of Ethics

An 8 page research paper/essay that draws on sources in order to offer advice to a student regarding crafting a personal code of ethics for crime scene investigations (CSI). This discussion of literature focuses on the need of CSI agents to craft a personal code of ethics that builds on this professional ethical mandate using a major ethical framework as a guide. This example of such a personal code of ethics utilizes the framework provided by Christian Ethics. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Stem Cell Research Ethics

A 14 page paper. The writer was required to read several articles provided and add others to discuss the issue of stem cell research and determine if it is ethical or not. The writer also commented on whether the authors demonstrated any bias in their reporting. The essay ends with the writer's opinion regarding the ethics of this issue. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Difference, Deontological and Teleological Ethics

This 3 page essay discusses the difference between deontological and teleological ethics, with a particular focus on law and the criminal justice system. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Harry Potter and the Ethics of Consequentialism

This 4 pages essay discusses consequentialism and its relevancy to a scene in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (2002, directed by Christ Columbus). Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Linear Outline for a Paper on Students and Ethics

This 3 page paper is an online plan for a paper examining students and ethics. The outline proposes the use of three ethical models; virtual ethics, consequentialism and deontological ethics. Issues which may be particularly pertinent for students are identified, to assess how ethics are applied by students. The bibliography cites 5 sources.


This 5-page paper provides a series of questions to be answered dealing with technology and computers. Questions include ethics over selling names to other businesses, competitive advantage and technology, how to configure a system for a small business and advice to an employee who is looking for a promotion

The Global Workplace

This 5 page paper provides three questions and answers regarding quality in management, ethics in the medical electronic instruments industry and workplace organization. Various ideas about management are relayed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Considerations in Journalism

A 6 page investigation of some of ethical and technological considerations in journalism. The author describes the distinctions between the Kidder approach to ethics and the Potter Box. In addition, the inherent goodness and/or badness of technology is examined in relation to the electronic mass media. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Justice Based Ethical Systems

A 3 page essay that discusses the views of Carol Gilligan and James P. Sterba. Throughout human history, philosophers have pondered the characteristics and nature of what constitutes moral behavior and tried to establish the parameters of justice that should govern human behavior. The following discussion of contemporary philosophy, as it pertains to the issue of justice and ethics, first of all, examines the feminist theory of Gilligan and her arguments against Lawrence Kohlberg's traditionally based model of moral development before briefly summarizing the position and arguments of Sterba. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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