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Health Care

This 7-page paper examines what future trends could be in terms of telemedicine and electronic records as they pertain to health care. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Private Companies And Health Care

A 3 page paper. More private companies are entering the health care field, specifically in terms of electronic recording. This paper reviews four articles that discuss what some companies are doing. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Electronic Communication and its Implications for Health Care

This is a 3 page paper that explores electronic communications in health care. The benefits and challenges of email and electronic medical records are explored. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Adopting Electronic Data Management in the Health Care Industry

This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of electronic medical records. Business incentives are explored, as well as privacy and ethical concerns. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

IT Trends in Health Care Record-Keeping

This 8 page research paper describes IT trends n health care record-keeping , focusing on the implementation of electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Military Electronic Health Records

An 8 page research paper (which includes a half-page abstract) that describes the electronic health record keeping system being implemented by the US military. This report offers a literature review of articles that describe the electronic record keeping system, the Composite Health Care System II, that is being implemented by the US Department of Defense throughout the entire extent of the US Armed Forces medical system, both in the US and abroad. The report, first of all, discusses why this system is urgently needed and the purposes it will fulfill. Then, the system itself is described and opinions of its worth, both pro and con, are summarized, with problem discussed. The report concludes with the evaluation that the system will contribute immeasurably to military health practice. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

HIPAA Data Security Rule

An 8 page paper discussing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), specifically as it applies to security of electronic data. The paper provides an overview of the act’s history and what the law means for care-providing entities. There were many changes in the privacy issues between rule proposal and the final rule on privacy. Such changes are not likely on security issues, however. As data increasingly is committed to electronic form, its preservation becomes increasingly critical. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Monitoring Geriatric Patients After Discharge at Newark Beth Israel Hospital

This 8 page paper provides an overview of care at the hospital as it concerns geriatric patients. The main issue addressed is the problem of readmissions and the monitoring of geriatric patients. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Medical Data Considerations

A 5 page paper discussing how, in our electronic age, medical information has been woefully fragmented and ineffective for any application other than historical ones for many health care providers, and in a scenario all too common, it has been far from allowing instantaneous access. An integrated information system can be a boon in improved patient outcomes, and it can be invaluable in situations involving telemedicine or another form of remote health care provision. Despite the advantages possible, such a system still must preserve patients' privacy. The SISTeM© approach can assist in designing and implementing a useable medical data warehouse for enhanced patient care. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Nursing Intervention in Monitoring and Treating Juvenile Diabetes

A 7 page discussion of the importance of nursing intervention in monitoring and treating juvenile diabetes. Contends that school nurses in particular can be instrumental to their student’s health by intervening in regard to ensuring a proper diet, monitoring blood sugar levels, and identifying alternative methods of insulin delivery. Emphasizes the importance of such intervention using Orem's General Theory of nursing, which brings into play the concept of a nursing system, that system which is put into place, designed and organized in the form of an action plan to identify and address the deficits which exist between self-care agency and therapeutic self-care demand. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Electronic Child Health Network - An Analysis

This 10-page paper analyzes the case study entitled "Electronic Child Health Network," detailing an e-health network in Canada. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


This paper, in tutorial essay format, discusses a recent piece of legislation passed by President Bill Clinton, The Long Term Security Care Act. As a tutorial, this paper indicates what information should be included in the essay, how it should be presented, and why. The paper also refers to background in reference to long term care, and the need for assistance in helping families and individuals pay for long term care. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


This 12-page paper outlines justification and budgeting for implementation of an electronic health records system. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Methodology of IS Implementation in the NHS (Including 3 Case Studies)

This 20 page paper considers how electronic patient records and associated IT systems are being introduced into the National Health Service (NHS) in line with the Information for Health document. The writer looks at how this may be examined effectively and then considers its’ implementation in three areas, South Essex, Berkshire and Hillingdon. The bibliography cites 40 sources.

Implementing Electronic Health Records

This 11 page paper considers how electronic health records have been used and the lack of a single national system or model in the UK National Health Service. The paper considers how systems have been implemented, the factors for success or failure and the lessons that can be gained form the pilot projects in the UK, such as those at Hillingdon and Bradford. The bibliography cites 22 sources.

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