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The Truth in History

A 5 page paper on the essay by Edward Hallett Carr entitled, The Historian and His Facts. The essay examines some interesting points in regards to history and whether much of it is actual truth or simply an interpretation of the facts set before the historian. Carr sets the reader up to question any and all history they have ever been exposed to. While some facts may undoubtedly be true, all history is essentially someone else's account of the events. Everyone has their own perspective and analysis of any given event and this is bound to influence how history is recorded.

American History/Short Essays

Contains several short essays/works; a 3 page creatively-written letter from the standpoint of former Indian leader Jawaharlal Nehru to Winston Churchill, a 1 page opinion about the U.S. decision to explode atomic bombs over Japan at the conclusion of World War II, and 1 page discussing the sociopolitical struggles of Vietnam veterans in our country. No bibliography.

Essays on Puerto Rican History / 18th - 20th Century

11 pages worth of well-developed essays concerning : Puerto Rico's role in the Caribbean (also its similarities & differences to other regional countries), the economic importance of coffee during the 18th century, sugar & slave labor in the 19th century, the impact of becoming a U.S. territory, trade after WW I, the Chardon Plan, the P.R.R.A., and more. Bibliography lists 4 scholarly sources.

English History Essays

8+ page worth of essays pertaining to English history. Topics include William the Conqueror, Henry II, Thomas Becket, The Magna Carta, The Hundred Years' War, and the Wars of the Roses. Bibliography lists 6 primary and secondary references.

Tarnished Badges - The History of Corruption in the Police Department

A 6-page essay that traces the history of the American police department and the corruption that has hindered it from its early beginnings. A look at early police involvement with politics is included, as well as a look at the corruption that resulted from the association of the department with organized crime during America’s prohibition era. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

History of Electronic Music

A 6 page research paper that gives an overview of the history of electronic music. The writer discusses the contributions of various composers, as well as giving a brief description of the electronic technological advancement that pertained to music. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Francis Fukuyama - The End Of History

A 17 page paper that presents an outline and explanation of Fukuyama's thesis about the end of history and the last man. The essay "The End of History?" published in 1989 and the book, The End of History and the Last Man, published in 1992 are still being discussed and analyzed in today's literature. Fukuyama's works created a great deal of furor and criticism in some circles and were applauded in other circles. This paper reports the interpretations of these two works by numerous scholars and also presents the criticisms levied against the thesis by other scholars. The thesis is that liberal democracy has won as the preferred system; this was evidenced by the end of the Cold War and this constitutes the end of history. One question asked by a number of authors is whether Fukuyama means this is the end of history or the end of historical thinking? The thesis is much more complex than this statement would imply and the complexities are discussed and reflected upon. The writer includes their own reflections. Bibliography lists 21 sources.

American History

This 4 page paper provides an overview of two essays and five short answer responses to questions on American history. These essays and questions specifically address issues around the American Civil War and issues of slavery. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Biosocial History

This 4 page essay offers an example of a biosocial history based on a hypothetical interview. No bibliography is offered.

The United Methodist Church

This 3 page essay relates the history and the ordination process of the United Methodist Church. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

E-Zines: Their Place in Society and Journalism

A 4 page discussion of the successes and failures of e-zines. The author outlines the history of this electronic media and emphasizes that while some e-zines enjoy a long history of success, others are almost immediate flops. The critical determinant of success appears to be the audience to which the e-zine is targeted and the relative expectation of turning a profit from the pursuit. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Structural Transformation through E-Business at Federal Express

An 18 page paper reviewing the recent history of FedEx and the absolute genius of CEO Fred Smith. One publication has named Smith CEO of the year for 2004, and with good reason. The first part of the paper is based on a student-supplied case study of FedEx’s focus on global supply chain management as facilitated by the Internet in the late 1990s, ending with structural reorganization of the company in January 2000 to reflect the FedEx brand on other services: LTL, freight and ground delivery as well as its express delivery services. The second half of the paper assesses FedEx’s current position in its industry and the effects that changes of 1999-2000 had by 2004, as well as outlining the company’s amazing initial use of its acquisition of Kinko’s. Includes 3 SWOT analyses addressing various periods in the company’s recent history (1999-2004); Porter’s five forces analysis; 1 table and 1 chart. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

HIPAA Data Security Rule

An 8 page paper discussing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), specifically as it applies to security of electronic data. The paper provides an overview of the act’s history and what the law means for care-providing entities. There were many changes in the privacy issues between rule proposal and the final rule on privacy. Such changes are not likely on security issues, however. As data increasingly is committed to electronic form, its preservation becomes increasingly critical. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Gross and Fink/Telecommunications

A 12 page research paper that offers a comprehensive summation of a text by Lynne S. Gross and Edward Fink, Telecommunications: An Introduction to Electronic Media, which is a text that offers readers insight into the history of each major subcategory of telecommunications and thereby contributes greatly to the task of enlightening understanding about how the field is developing and where future trends may lead. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Herodotus Histories, Book 4, Chapters 176-183

A 6 page essay that summarizes and discusses a passage from Herodotus’s Histories, specifically Book 4, chapters 176-183. The writer relates the themes in this passages to themes that characterize the work as a whole. No additional sources cited.

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