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SWOT Analysis

This 15-page paper examines current trends and the future of retail on e-commerce, also known as e-tailing. The paper examines the dot-com bust of the late 1990s and how e-commerce has adapted since then, as well as providing an e-tailing SWOT analysis. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

E-Commerce Strategy of Sprint

This 7 page paper looks the global communication company Sprint to examine their e-commerce strategy, this includes the defining the positioning of the internet site, consideration of the strategy that is used, how and why this is or is not effective and a SWOT analysis to analyse the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats for Sprint in terms of their e-commerce operations. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Structural Transformation through E-Business at Federal Express

An 18 page paper reviewing the recent history of FedEx and the absolute genius of CEO Fred Smith. One publication has named Smith CEO of the year for 2004, and with good reason. The first part of the paper is based on a student-supplied case study of FedEx’s focus on global supply chain management as facilitated by the Internet in the late 1990s, ending with structural reorganization of the company in January 2000 to reflect the FedEx brand on other services: LTL, freight and ground delivery as well as its express delivery services. The second half of the paper assesses FedEx’s current position in its industry and the effects that changes of 1999-2000 had by 2004, as well as outlining the company’s amazing initial use of its acquisition of Kinko’s. Includes 3 SWOT analyses addressing various periods in the company’s recent history (1999-2004); Porter’s five forces analysis; 1 table and 1 chart. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

E-Commerce - An Analysis

A 28 page paper that provides a comprehensive analysis of the e-commerce industry beginning with definitions of e-commerce, e-business and an explanation of the different categories, e.g., B2B, B2C, C2C. The writer reports the most recent data regarding e-commerce transactions. The writer also discuses the trends driving e-commerce, strategies used by some of the dot.coms that survived the implosion, technology brick-and-mortar companies use to reduce costs and improve performance, how traditional companies are using e-commerce, the importance of using electronic alternatives for supply chains, and the need to retain customers and suggestions for doing so. The paper ends with a SWOT analysis of e-commerce. Examples are included in the text. Statistical data included. Bibliography lists 23 sources.

Viacom's Position In Its Industry

A 10 page paper discussing information from a 1996 case study of Viacom and analyzing Viacom's position within the framework of Porter's Five Forces. Viacom has become one of the country's largest provider of electronic entertainment since its creation in the mid-1980s in response to government anti-trust and deregulation pressures. The paper contains analysis of the internal and external situation also, as well as a SWOT analysis and the final recommendation that CEO Redstone manage the company, rather than absolutely control it, and that if he has not already identified at least one likely candidate to take his place and begun to train him, that he do so right away. No one is totally invincible, even those who seem to be. No additional sources cited.

Electronic Commerce in the Construction Industry in Singapore

This 45 page paper looks at the position and influence electronic commerce of the construction industry in Singapore. The demonstrate that there is a wide variety of opportunities for e-commerce in this sector and that to understand it best the reader should first appreciate the business culture and other influencing factors in relation to both the construction industry and e-commerce in the unique island state of Singapore. The paper looks at the culture the economy as well as the influence of the population on both the construction industry as well as the e-commerce sector. An in-depth understanding of the construction industry and it unique problems as well as unusual circumstances in Singapore is then applied to the way in which the sector is coping and being influence by e-commerce, both as a supplier as well as being able to benefit as a customer. This is examined in more detail with different companies as well as more general tools such as a SWOT analysis as well as Porters model for competitive advantage.

Writing A Process Analysis Essay

A 5 page paper. This is a process analysis essay that explains how to write a process analysis essay. Topics include: purpose of process analysis essay; questions that lead to more effective essay; format for essay; and conclusion. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Moral Realism

A 6 page analysis/research paper that examines Peter Railton's essay "Moral Realism" and evaluates his argument. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Process analysis

A 3 page paper which offers an example of process analysis, describing a step-by-step procedure for giving medication to a cat.

Locker Room Talk

5 pages. This is a comprehensive rhetorical analysis of an essay entitled 'Locker Room Talk'. The subject matter as well as the author's position in the narration of this piece will all come into play in this analysis. Why men engage in what is referred to in the text as locker room talk is analyzed as well as what the underlying reasoning is when these types of conversation take place.

Mobil USM&R/ Harvard Business Case

This 5 page paper analyzes a case study about Mobil. In less than four years, Mobil went from a floundering company to number one among its peers in the industry. The did so by: careful analysis, restructuring, decentralizing and by developing and implementing the Balanced Scorecard. This essay presents an analysis of what they did. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Information Technology in the Workplace

This 15 page paper provides three sections answering questions utilizing materials provided by a student. The first section addresses a question about new system implementation using a case study. The second involves a Work Centered Analysis (WCA) model. Finally, the third section explores an example and in the process defines information technology (IT), supply chain management (SCM) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). No additional sources are used.

Michel Foucault/'The Eye of Power'

A 7 page analysis of Michel Foucault's essay 'Eye of Power,' in which the great French philosopher and historian discusses some of this conclusions about the relationship between power and knowledge. No additional sources cited.

Zora N. Hurston/ "Whiteness" in "Seraph"

A 9 page analysis of Zora Neale Hurston's novel "Seraph on the Suwanee." The writer discusses the criticism that this novel has received because Hurston, presumably, abandoned her own heritage and her feminist principles in writing this book. Basing her argument on an essay by Janet St. Clair, the writer proposes that this work can best be understood if read as an allegory, with the character of Jim representing "whiteness." Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Hesselbein, et al/ 'Leader of the Future'

A 5 page summation and analysis of a comprehensive collection of essays on leadership, edited by Hesselbein, et al. The editors of The Leader of the Future are three well-known board members of the Drucker Foundation, which is a group dedicated to Peter Drucker's determination to 'expand the boundaries of leadership thinking.' The writer argues that this is a comprehensive, informative text. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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