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Womens Studies
Essays on Art, Feminist and Modernism

This 75 page study outlines 9 essays that integrate views on art, art history, socialization, and the development of feminist sensibilities. This paper outlines the central elements related to specific questions on art and social development and creates a means of understanding the substantial variations in artistic development, from Buddhist influences to Postmodernism and the integration of social views of men and women. Bibliographies list 25 sources.

Mary Wollstonecraft's "A Vindication of the Rights of a Woman" and D. H. Lawrence's "Give Her A Pattern" / An Imaginary Dialogue Between the Two Authors

In 5 pages, based on Mary Wollstonecraft's "A Vindication of the Rights of Women" and D. H. Lawrence's "Give Her a Pattern," the author simulates a mock dialogue between the two authors.

Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' / Attitudes Towards Women

A 3 page essay that points out that Chaucer used the characters of the Prioress and the Wife of Bath to say a great many things about how medieval society viewed women. The writer demonstrates how Chaucer contrasted the character of the chaste Prioress against that of the lusty Wife to satirize the Church's characterization of women in particular. Quotations only from the source.

Eleanor Of Aquitaine

An 8 page biographical essay about one of the Middle Ages most dynamic women. Queen of Henry II, mother of Richard the Lion Hearted, she was one of history's most remarkable women. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life: Discussion

8 pages. This paper addresses two essays within the book Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life by Christina and Fred Sommers. In commenting on these two essays the topics under consideration are an explanation of what the sex/gender system is and why feminist theorists consider it important. Also addressed is the possibility that women live in a patriarchy in which men collectively keep women down. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Prisoners Of Ritual

3 pages in length. Women have long suffered at the hands of man. Whether the torture culminates as emotional, physical or both, the patriarchal influence has been a strong power upon the very essence of being female. Hanny Lightfoot-Klein's "Prisoners of ritual: Some contemporary developments in the history of female genital mutilation" examines the historic value of this barbaric ritual, while attempting to find cause behind what motivates entire social communities to physically and psychologically deform their women. No additional sources cited.

Integrating Foreign Employee

This 5 page paper presents a scenario wherein a Japanese female engineer for a multinational corporation is assigned to the company's U.S. site for a six-month training program. The young women does not interact with others and seems to be alienated from the workplace. The essay discusses strategies for integrating this young women into the company and community more effectively. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Women in Ministry

This 12 page essay draws on a wide variety of Christian literature in order to describe both sides of the debate concerning women in ministry and the appropriate gender role for women in society. The complementarian and egalitarian positions are explained. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Women in Prison: Marlene Moore

An 11 page paper using the case of Marlene Moore to discuss some of the current issues of women in prison. Marlene died at 31, having spent more than half her life in prison and apparently without anyone looking to her background for clues to the behavior she exhibited either within or outside of prison. The paper discusses some of the problems unique to women in prison, and how they frequently do not receive the treatment that could serve them – and society – better than can incarceration. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Status of Women/Fifth Century Athens

A 5 page research paper that examines the status of women in ancient Athens. The writer access this topic by examining Agamemnon by Aeschylus and argues that the character of Clytemnestra is the antithesis of ideal Athenian womanhood. The status of women is examined as suggested by the play. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Virginia Woolf's "Professions For Women"

3 pages in length. In her inimitable style, Virginia Woolf illustrates how society compels men to be men and women to be women; for her to have killed off the Angel of the House in order to rid herself of the oppressive social dictates the Angel metaphorically represents, Woolf displays a significant evolutionary change in gender perception. No bibliography.

G.B. Shaw's Portrayal of Women

A 10 page essay on how George Bernard Shaw portrays women in Mrs. Warren's Profession and Pygmalion. The writer analyzes each play, showing how Shaw's portrayal of women is positive and also insightful regarding the norms of Victorian society and the British class system. No additional sources cited.

Electronic Child Health Network - An Analysis

This 10-page paper analyzes the case study entitled "Electronic Child Health Network," detailing an e-health network in Canada. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Persuasion Essay: How Physical Attractiveness Affects the Behavior of Others:

This 3 page paper presents a study that is based upon a researcher dressing attractively versus not-attractively and then relating the findings of how this researcher was treated by others based upon her appearance. This paper asserts that physical attractiveness has a dramatic impact upon how others perceive us. This paper includes hypothesis, intorudction, explanation of topic, the details of the study, and findings/results. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Women Hope House

4 pages in length. Women Hope House is a female facility that will house two hundred prisoners between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five years old. This target group was chosen for its malleability with regard to rehabilitating a criminal life. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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